LiNK Rehab Office Front

LiNK Rehab was founded by four occupational therapists. The LiNK name derives from their names: Linda, Nick, Natalie, Kim and reflects the bond and comradery of a common goal. What started with questions like “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and “I wonder if it would work better if…..”, shifted into taking the proverbial (and wildly intimidating!) plunge into the creation of a new company. Our goal has always been to foster what works and let go of what does not. To be able to adapt to external changes while remaining focused on what matters.
What matters is our team, our clients, and our customers.

We value CONNECTION, practiced through case reviews, team huddles, in-services, staff acknowledgements, and parties! We value CURIOSITY, practiced through asking more questions, identifying gaps in knowledge, reinforcing practice over perfection, and compensating for time spent learning. We value AUTHENTICITY, practiced through transparent communication, clear feedback, and ethical decision making.

LiNK Rehab was formed during the early days of the global pandemic. A situation that wreaked havoc on the health care system, took a significant mental and physical toll on workers, and shifted the collective mindset on remote based work. LiNK Rehab’s founders share a common capacity to embrace uncertainty and pivot quickly.

Our team of occupational therapists, kinesiologists, rehab assistants, and admin staff are dispersed across the lower mainland. We gather in person for celebrations, and most often meet using our new superpower…connection via video conference!

We share professional and personal successes, tips and tricks, photos, a vast range of knowledge, and of course…. food recommendations.
We are proud of our LiNK team.

Linda, Nicholas, Natalie, Kim