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LiNK Rehab provides expert medical legal assessment, community occupational therapy and rehabilitation assistant services in Metro Vancouver, BC.

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Welcome to LiNK Rehab

LiNK Rehab provides expert medical legal assessment, community occupational therapy and rehabilitation assistant services. The meaningful connections we have with our customers, our clients, and our team, are the foundation of our commitment to providing you the outcome you need.

Medical Legal Assessment

  • Functional/Work Capacity Evaluations

  • Cost of Future Care Evaluations/Life Care Plans
  • Responsive Opinion/Critique reports

Occupational Therapy Treatment

  • Acquired brain injury assessment and treatment
  • Concussion management
  • Chronic pain management
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • Graded Exposure Therapy

Return To Work Services

  • Graduated Return To Work (GRTW) Planning And Monitoring
  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Ergonomic Assessments

Meet our Founders

Linda Waithman

Senior Occupational Therapist, Founder

Natalie Hull

Senior Occupational Therapist, Founder

Nicholas Altieri

Senior Occupational Therapist, Founder

Kimberley Dimayuga

Senior Occupational Therapist, Founder

Meet our Team
Linda Waithman is an amazing person! She helped me through my journey of recovery! I don’t know where I’d be without her! Linda has amazing people skills and is an awesome OT! She made me super comfortable and was a wonderful advocate for what I needed throughout my recovery. Wouldn’t have got so far without her!
– Amy K.
I have no doubt that LiNK Rehab will thrive, if I could recommend one place to anyone seeking help it would be here. In video journals I have published on YouTube I have concussed people inquiring about the nature of Occupational Therapists and every time I always say I couldn’t have overcome the emotional hurdles and return to work at BOTH my jobs without mine. With Natalie as a founder and leader I can’t imagine anything but success, and I’m glad she is taking the opportunity to pursue LiNK Rehab and continue helping more people in her own way.
– Jessica C.
I had a pleasure working with Natalie after my injury. During my recovery Natalie was able to create a safe environment where I felt heard and respected. Natalie gave me support and created a program to helped me with my recovery.
– Veronika A.
The occupational therapy I received at LiNK Rehab Inc. was by far the most beneficial service I was referred to post MVA. Specifically, I received insight into my post concussion symptoms and invaluable tools and strategies to cope and thrive post accident.
– Heidi K.

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